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Our services do not stop after construction begins because the contractor is there to give you the actual cost. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We provide change order review and negotiation, loan monitoring, payment certification and independent certification to ensure your project’s success.

Loan Monitoring & Payment Certification

It’s not just project stakeholders who are concerned about staying on budget. When lending institutions enter into the equation, this adds another layer of cost concerns from start to finish. This is where we come in. Hanscomb offers the experience in construction and contract administration needed to satisfy your lender knowing that:

  • The loan agreement is being met
  • The project is properly funded and proceeding on schedule
  • Payments to trade workers and suppliers are being made on time
  • There’s enough money left to complete the job

Our services include an Initial Project Review that lets the lender know that the project is ready for construction from a cost perspective and monthly Project Draw Reports detailing the lender’s release of funds relative to work completion. The release of funds hinges on our reports.

Change Order & Variation Review

Construction has started, and suddenly, there are changes to your project. It matters if you or the contractor initiated them or if the architect made an error or omission or something unforeseen was revealed; still, you need to know a fair price for the change because it is coming.  We can help!

Yes, your contractor was the successful bidder and gave you a competitive bid. Does this mean you should accept their quotation for the change since they are the ones doing the work?  The answer is No!

You should always have independent oversight of change orders costs, even occasionally and certainly in the beginning to set the tone of who is in control.  Otherwise, you run the risk of letting a contractor call the shots.  We are here to advise on the reasonableness of the cost for change and bridge the gap between the contractor and owner.

Independent Certification

Hanscomb plays a critical role as an Independent Certifier (IC) for major infrastructure projects – acting as a trusted advisor, mediator to public and private stakeholders working under the Project Agreement. Hanscomb will accurately report the condition of the project and forecast the probable outcome of the project by:

  • Bringing a complete set of project control tools unique to the project to enable the project to proceed as intended, thoroughly understanding the Project Agreement.
  • Ensuring that the Project Agreement processes are followed, informing and voicing opportunities or concerns based on our expertise
  • Acting independently
  • Keeping clients informed by providing expertise and making critical decisions on matters of dispute to keep the project moving forward

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