Life Cycle & Maintenance


When making investments in construction projects, it is easy to focus on short-term costs.  However, long-term factors such as maintenance, periodic repair or replacement, energy use, life expectancy etc., are essential cost considerations to building owners.

Escalating climate concerns and soaring energy costs make an excellent case for investing more upfront in construction projects to save money over the project’s life and minimize negative environmental impacts.

The construction industry has taken great strides to build a better future with initiatives like LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Carbon Neutral, Net Zero, the Passive House and many other target-based design strategies.

However, sometimes, there isn’t room in the budget and the payback period is longer than owners want to wait. It is increasingly critical that budgets consider the complete life cycle and factor in more significant upfront investment for future savings.

Hanscomb is committed to doing its part by remaining knowledgeable on the capital dollars required to meet these targets and provide business cases for the long term. The more informed we are, the better prepared our clients are to make responsible and necessary investment decisions.

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