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Legal disputes happen and are often the last resort to frustrating negotiations. For construction projects, an independent technical expert witness and report can make or break a case.

Transparency in assumptions and approach are critical to producing quality work, and Hanscomb Consultant staff are trained to measure, price, analyze and report costs appropriately.  Our consistent and systematic approach makes it easy for our senior staff to mentor our junior staff to review work for inconsistencies based on experience, benchmarks and standards.

Hanscomb’s Senior Staff are trained Experts to look for patterns and extrapolate information to estimate outcomes and track trends. They can draw on their knowledge and experience to analyze a dispute and offer a credible opinion on the Matter.

Our senior staff Experts of the company have the authority to speak on behalf of Hanscomb to provide expert opinions and evidence in a written report or testimony. To maintain independence and offer an unbiased view on a Legal Matter, our Experts will:

  • Be qualified as an expert to speak about the reported rationale
  • Be direct and candid about any limitations on findings of the Matter
  • Use an approach and methodology consistent with past publications, presentations and reports and, if not, provide a credible reason for differences
  • Review factual assumptions and avoid cherry-picking to make the case
  • Provide a clear and comprehensive rationale for the opinions in the report leaving nothing implied or unspoken
  • Use simple and direct language in the report and when testifying
  • Remove descriptive or inflammatory language excluding adverbs and adjectives
  • Not argue the case as a witness and, when given changed assumptions, concede points as an Expert when appropriate

For any assignment, Hanscomb’s Experts will develop the strategies, research the evidence, develop the analysis, and author the findings in a written report and (or) provide testimony. Our experienced Experts will prepare clear reports and opinions to provide a truly independent opinion on a Legal Matter – Hanscomb’s Experts will be part of the entire process, every step of the way.

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