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We understand that your goal is to receive funding and move your project to the front of the line. Our goal is to help you get the shovel in the ground. And let’s face it, one of the greatest deciding factors for approving a project is money. How much will our project cost, and how much value will we get from it?

With our Pre-Planning process, you can be confident that you are building a realistic budget that considers all of your project’s unique aspects and the current market conditions of your project’s location. The biggest mistake Owners can make at the pre-planning stage is to assume that standard cost per square foot rates from historical data are enough to form a budget. While they help, they’re just a starting point.

The basics are simple, Hanscomb will develop a cost model tailored to your project, detailed in its assumptions and flexible enough to permit fast and informed decisions on the future of your investment. We know that no project is without risk, and we utilize our extensive construction industry experience to plan and preserve appropriate contingency in your budget for the unexpected.

We will provide all the Pre-Planning support required, including procurement and cost share analysis, master scheduling, educational sessions and formal presentations to stakeholders and Owners. Even before your scope is fully understood, we will demonstrate how much money may be required to deliver a successful project.

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