Yardsticks for Costing

Books Mar 31, 2021
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Planning a major construction project? Don’t start without a detailed costing guide. Hanscomb’s Yardsticks for Costing – Cost Data for the Canadian Construction Industry is our industry-respected publication that details constructions costs for eight major regions in Canada.

With Hanscomb’s Yardsticks for Costing, you’ll know:

  • Market unit costs for more than 2,600 construction components
  • Composite unit rates for more than 300 installed system
  • Gross building costs for 34 typical structures at three quality levels including low, average, and high

Where to buy?

Key data in Hanscomb’s Yardsticks for Costing is listed in both metric and imperial.
To order your copy, contact 1-800-334-3509 and quote item number 62010.

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