Escalation Watch Fourth Quarter 2021

Statistics Canada's Fourth Quarter Non-residential Construction Price Indices are now available. Click here to download ...


Escalation Watch

Wondering what’s happening with non-residential construction costs? Our Escalation Watch newsletter brings you important news as well as construction cost indices for several cities across Canada.


Yardsticks for Costing

Planning a major construction project? Don’t start without a detailed costing guide. Hanscomb’s Yardsticks for Costing – Cost Data for the Canadian Construction Industry is our industry-respected publication that details constructions costs for eight major regions in Canada.


Want to know the impact of escalation on a project’s construction cost?

Our Escalation Calculator allows you to see how changes in labour and material cost for non-residential construction have impacted a project’s cost in a given location based on census data surveyed by Statistics Canada.

Choose from 11 census metropolitan areas, 7 going back as far as 1981 and 4 additional cities(*) added in 2017

Escalation Watch

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Using non-residential construction indices from Statistics Canada is a great starting point in assessing the impacts of time on construction costs but is only one piece of the puzzle.

To truly assess the impact of time on a project you must also consider changes in code, standards, best practice and market over time in a given location. Hanscomb’s team of professionals can help.