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Hanscomb is able to trace its roots as far back as the 1700s and has on record an estimate prepared in 1790 by master builders/architects John Hanscomb and Richard Fothergill. John Hanscomb was the great, great, great…grandfather of Geoffrey Hanscomb, our founder.
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The estimate shown below is for renovation work to the Fetcham Park House, a Queen Anne mansion nestled in the Surrey countryside of England. It was designed by English architect William Talman and built in 1705. The property changed owners many times and went through several additions, renovations and conversions over the past four centuries. At the time John Hanscomb was engaged, the Fetcham Park House was owned by banker Thomas Hankey who added two curved wings at the north and south ends. Today the house still stands and has been restored to its original splendor functioning as prestigious office and event space.

Serving the construction industry since 1957

Do you remember what the 1950s were like? We do. We’ve been serving the construction industry since 1957. Sure, most of our cost planning professionals were born well after Hanscomb first planted roots in Toronto, Canada. But we all have the same passion for serving our clients and providing the type of services that help improve the bottom line for the construction industry.

That’s how it is today. That’s how it was at the beginning. But the 1950s were a very different time for the construction industry. And Canada was a very different place.

The industry
needed Hanscomb

The industry was a well-oiled machine, primed perfectly for what it needed to do. But Geoffrey Hanscomb had the foresight to see that the industry could benefit from quantity surveying. The construction industry was about to change. The industry needed Hanscomb. They just didn’t know it yet.

It was a tough sell, to be honest. Quantity surveying was very different in 1957 when Geoffrey arrived in Canada from London. Computers didn’t exist. Project management was pretty much Greek to everyone. And important cost-planning strategies like lifecycle costing that we all take for granted today hadn’t yet been established as best practices.

We look forward to the next 60 years, responding to an ever-changing construction industry and leveraging our expertise to keep costs in line.

Our Founder

Geoffrey Hanscomb, son of an architect and great, great, great…grandson of John Hanscomb, a builder in London in the 1700’s, instinctively found his way to a career as a Quantity Surveyor.

Geoffrey’s career and roots were in London, England but his passion took him all over the world. By the 1950’s Geoffrey started recruiting Quantity Surveyors for projects in West Africa doing war damage claim estimates in Ghana and Nigeria after World War 2. Geoffrey encouraged young West Africans to come to London and qualify as professional Quantity Surveyors. This benevolent act paid off for these men when the former colonies became independent.

As business in West Africa matured, the firm sought new opportunities. One of his partners, Peter Gardner, had done his wartime RAF training in Canada. Deciding this to be their next location, they set up shop in Toronto in 1957 at 1999 Bay Street, providing estimating services.


Geoffrey Arthur Hanscomb

August 1917 - February 2014

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B.Sc., B.Tech., PQS(F), MRICS President

Arthur J. Maw

PQS(F), MRICS, Chief Executive Officer

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B. Tech., B.A., PQS. MRICS, Executive Vice President

Isaac Gwendo

BA (Bldg Econ), PQS Executive Vice President

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PQS(F), MRICS Executive Vice President

Raymond Murray

PQS, MRICS Executive Vice President

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CPA CA, Director of Finance

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PQS Director of IT

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PQS, GSC, Director

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Director of Marketing

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Arch. Dipl. T., PQS, Director

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PQS(F), MRICS, GSC, C.Tech , Director

Ken King

PQS, MRICS, AScT Manager, Business Development

Indu Elapatha

PQS(F), MRICS, Manager

Dominic Kiema

M.Sc., PQS Manager

Ayo Daniel Abiola

P. Eng., PQS, Manager

Irene Malang

B.Sc.CE, EIT, PQS, Manager

Nathan Thinagarippillai

B.Sc. (Hons.) QS, PQS, MRICS, Manager

Murugan Thambiayah

B.Sc. (Hons.) QS, PQS, MRICS, Manager, Mechanical & Electrical, Toronto

Nicolas Serge

PQS, MRICS, Manager

Dale Stratton

PQS, Manager, Arctic Region

Michelle Ernst

Business Manager


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